Supporting the practitioners, herbalists, farmers & patients of the Palouse
Supporting the practitioners, herbalists, farmers & patients of the Palouse

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Compounding Herbal Apothecary

We strive to carry a comprehensive inventory of high quality, lab tested raw Chinese, Native American and European herbs. At Palouse Herbal Apothecary we are experts in the combination and preparation of herbs. We help practitioners and the community prepare and consume herbs in a manner the produces effective and lasting results. 

In our facility we prepare your herbal formulas in compliance with FDA and Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines. If you are interested in sending an herbal formula for your patient please click the button below. We look forward to working with you! To browse the herbs we carry check out our single herbs catalog.

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Work with an herbalist

Plants can be the catalyst for major changes in your physical, emotional and spiritual life. As the head herbalist at Palouse Herbal Apothecary, Laura Rose Gage understands that medicinal plants come in all forms, from essences to the highly concentrated essential oil. It is her goal to find the right plants for you and your current health. She practices holistic medicine and believes many of the physical, mental, emotional discomfort we experience is from being out of alignment with our true self or soul. Laura is trained in Chinese medicine, European herbal medicine and herbs native to northern America.

Whether a new or old struggle, Laura can help you gain perspective on the symptoms you are experiencing and find relief through an herbal remedy. To schedule and learn more about working with an herbalist, click below.

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Education for Professionals & Patients

From experienced clinicians to folks new to using herbs, we love working with everyone interested in our plant allies! To view all our events please visit our events & classes page.

Due to our move back to Palouse and COVID-19 we are re-working our events and classes. Please standby and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram to keep up to date! 

Meet with Laura twice a month for our "Ask the Herbalist" Zoom meeting.


  • encourage and support practitioners using herbs in their healing practice
  • empower the community to explore how herbs can impact their health and daily lives
  • support an herbal industry that emphasizes local sources whenever possible and only accepts high quality, sustainably grown and ethically wild harvested herbs
  • thoughtfully integrate ancient healing traditions with the best of science based phytotherapy

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