Honoring the wisdom in nature

On February 3, 2020 from 5pm to 7pm, stop by Palouse Herbal Apothecary @ The Apothecary on Main for a free flower essence reading using a set of cards and plant essences developed by Dr. Faith A. Christensen. 

Are you trying to create major change in your life or is there a situation you're having a hard time getting past? A single essence or combination of essences taken for 28 to 32 days can break these patterns. Stop by and get a reading with Laura or Rosemary Gage, gain some insight into the patterns and archetypes that rule your current behavior and hear the messages from the plant kingdom. The reading is at no cost to you, if you choose to purchase a customized flower essence blend the price ranges from $12 to $15. 

When: February 3, 2020 - 5 to 7pm

Where: Palouse Herbal Apothecary @ The Apothecary on Main in Pullman (250 E Main Street, Pullman, WA 99163)

Cost: None for the reading, $12 to $15 for the plant essence. 

Questions? Call us at 509-596-1165