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Welcome! We have tried to make this a simple 1 to 2 page process. It is easiest done on a computer - but we have done our best to make it mobile friendly. 

Step 1: Patient, Dosing, Extra Options, Notes

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Step 2. Select Your Herbs

A few notes:

In the apothecary we traditionally prepare and recommend cooking methods that increase safety & efficacy. Sometimes you might want different handling or cooking instructions. If necessary, select the preparation you prefer. If you have something in mind that isn't an option, please make a note to the apothecary in Step 1 (if you already added to the cart - you can add this note in the cart).

Standard: We carry such a large variety of herbs - it is not possible to maintain a stock that is 100% organic or locally sourced. We do the best we can. Our goal is to balance between the importance of having the herb in stock and the highest quality we can source. Please visit our standards page to learn about the different growing/sourcing methods and certifications in the herbal industry.

Allergens: We do our best to avoid cross contamination - Laura has celiac disease! - but it is not always possible to avoid every allergen or contamination. PLEASE make a note if there is a particular concern.

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