Experience the powerful impact of herbal medicine

Are you stuck?

You have tried EVERYTHING - from doctors, prescription drugs, to supplements & herbs - you have exhausted all your resources - and you still don't feel better!  You don't know what step will bring you substantial, long-lasting change.

You have pushed so hard! It is discouraging to experience little to no relief when you feel like you've done everything "right" and followed every bit of medical advice. But you are still affected daily by symptoms that many say will never go way.

I often share with my clients that the last 15% to 20% of healing is the hardest part of the journey.

Great change, complete healing needs support & facilitation. It isn't about pushing or work - it is time to receive.

As an holistic herbalist, I can help provide insight that others can't. I see the body as a rich tapestry of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Only when looking at the body on all these levels in unison can substantial healing occur. 

It is very difficult to do view your unified self in this light - in fact I don't try to do this for myself - I rely on my support team of practitioners for insight!

What happens when you schedule an intuitive herbal session?

60 minute conversation about what your struggle is currently

Walk away from this converstion with 3 action steps that will trigger change according to your unique consitution and balance between the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of your body.

A mixture of herbs that are made in the next 5 days based on our interview and my conversation with the plants about what you need.

This mixture is an integration between Chinese, Native America and European herbal traditions.  It could be a powder, a bath soak, tea, decoction, tincture or - whatever fits your situation and lifestyle best!

You will also recieve information on the intention of the herbs and the balance we are shifting in your body. 



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